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Is there anyone out there that is still looking for a team for Gishwhes?

My friends and I will all be busy with work this year, so we won’t have the time to be super competitive about it. We are looking for people that just want to goof off and have fun.

We know that a lot of people play to win and we are trying to avoid upsetting anyone with that mentality that might be automatically selected to fill the open spots on our team, since we are not doing that this year.

If past experience tells us anything, its that being on a team with people that don’t care, when you care a lot, SUCKS. We don’t want to do that to anyone.

So if you are interested in meeting new people and participating without the heavy weight of needing to win, let me know!

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      Lionsgate released some haunting teaser posters for the upcoming, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1


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            Girls, wearing dresses made of cheese, posing in front of cars.


            beauty comes in all shapes and sizes


            Welcome to GISHWHES everyone
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              Favorite story posts part 1

              That last one

              My dad says the ‘making love in a canoe’ about american beer

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                Everything about this movie is gold

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                  Dean’s “Intense Fling” and the Narrative Purpose of Sex in Supernatural



                  You know, for a show where one of the characters is supposedly such a playboy, the characters really don’t have an awful lot of sex. Unfortunately, it seems like when they do, it is usually at the hands of the worst writers on the team. But in general, sex and romance are negligible parts of the show. 

                  No, really. Either one of the boys can go seasons without a sex scene. Most episodes do not have a love interest of the week. This is actually a very smart choice on the part of the writers, as it allows the times that they do show or imply sex to have more meaning. 

                  Yes, one off sex scenes, almost sex scenes, or implied sex have a lot of meaning in this show, even if the execution leaves a lot to be desired. In general, Supernatural uses sex to explore previously unexplored aspects of a character or to demonstrate the transformations a character has undergone. Often, sex is used to set off warning bells in the viewers’ minds. 

                  In this context, Dean having a fling specifically connected with his new demon nature makes perfect sense, and it isn’t about “oh, hey. Look at how Straighty McStraight Dean is. 

                  Let’s look at some past examples to show what I’m talking about. 

                  The first sex scene we get is with Dean and Cassie. It’s purpose is pretty straightforward. Dean’s tenderness, as well as the duration of the relationship, serve as a contrast to what we’ve learned about his character in the first couple of episodes. He does desire more meaningful relationships, he does want a partner who knows the truth about his life, and he cares about his partners in a way we didn’t expect. It actually has a lot to do with Dean’s characterization. 

                  The next time the show depicts sex is with Madison and Sam. The animalistic, fiery passion here performs two long term tasks. One, it shows a hidden side to Sam. If Dean’s hidden side is more tender than predicted, Sam’s is more wild. It also serves to strengthen the parallels between Madison and Sam. Showing him having sex in this intense way acts as foreshadowing that Sam may not be all he seems, playing into the never-ending “what’s wrong with Sammy” plotlines. In this way, the sex is actually pretty tragic. 

                  Now, early in season 3, we are told that Dean is pretty much sleeping with anybody willing. Even if Dean has been a flirt in the past, this is the first time we actually see this kind of behavior from him, and the intended message is not “oh, look. What a charismatic playboy.” It is supposed to be out of character. The message is, “this is a man in denial about his impending death, so he is going to indulge as a way to chase away the fear.” 

                  Apply this to season 10. Dean having a fling could be used to show many things, but if they are doing something similar, it could be, “Hey. I’m terrified, and when I’m terrified I repress and act out.” 

                  Season 4 has, comparatively, a lot of sex. Dean has a one night stand with “Jaime” that represents him feeling reborn, with a new mission. Sam and Cara in the siren episode, well, mainly serve to show that what Dean really, really wants isn’t sex or a dream girl at all. Finally, Sam and Ruby contrasts with Dean and Anna, showing which side each boy is literally getting into bed with. Like the first two examples, we are provided with a character contrast. In addition, Sam’s connection with Ruby is meant to send warning bells off in our head. 

                  So if you are cringing at the impending fling, maybe you should be. Maybe the writers want you to cringe, because it is a sign of just how wrong things are. 

                  For another example that sex can be a sign of things gone very, very wrong, look at 5x03 vs 5x04. 5x03 has the infamous brothel scene, where no sex actually happens, and instead Dean and Cas bond. The next episode, when we see a possible future, we see an extremely promiscuous Cas, as well as a Dean who apparently has been going into different cabins every night. Once again, this is meant to be a bad thing. We can feel how much Cas has given up, how much the horrors of the world have changed him. We see how Dean has grown completely cold to the women in his life. 

                  You might be noticing a trend here. Hypersexuality in Supernatural, for better or for worse, is treated as a negative, out of character trait that happens in times when everything is wrong. There have been some sex scenes with all or mostly positive connotations, but generally, sex is a red flag on this show. I’m not endorsing this, far from it. But from an analytical point of view, suggestions that we might see a highly sexually charged moment have me worried about the characters. 

                  The next time we see this level of hypersexuality is Soulless!Sam, and it serves to emphasize the transformation from soul to soulless. While Sam has been shown to be highly passionate before, the lack of shits given about his partners is yet another red flag. It tells us that Sam is not as he should be. The show does not condemn playful, warm one night stands, as with Jaime or Cara, but you better believe it criticizes sexual encounters devoid of compassion or respect. 

                  So, if Dean is having intense sex and not giving a shit about the girl, what we really have is soulless!Sam part 2. 

                  Next, we have the Amazon woman in season 7. Here, Dean is at a major low point. He’s lost pretty much everything, he’s lonely, and he’s realizing he isn’t getting any younger. So he seeks out casual sex, something that used to comfort him, but he hasn’t indulged in for a while. It’s unsatisfying and awkward, and it has horrible consequences. This encounter is meant to show character growth, and it is another example of sex being shown for a reason completely contrary to “oh, look, sexy.” Here, sex is used to show a lot of vulnerability on Dean’s part. 

                  Now, we pretty much have to skip to season 9. Notice how big some of these gaps are? Sex is not a part of the fabric of this show. It’s a tool, used sparingly, sometimes by writers who have no clue what the hell they are doing with it, but still. It’s a tool. 

                  So, in season 9, Cas sleeps with a reaper. He doesn’t know that at the time, and before he knows that, it is shown to be a positive experience for him. It’s a type of connection that he didn’t seek out as an angel, a sign of his transformation, his humanity. (Again, this meta isn’t going into how unfortunate it is that sex is used as the ultimate “yep. He’s human now.” sign. Cause really, that’s pretty cringeworthy.) Then, it is shown that he was deceived and betrayed. Here, sex is once again about vulnerability. The vulnerability of being human, of not knowing whether or not the other person who just saw you naked has your best interests at heart. 

                  And then, of course, we have the “Rock and a Hard Place” scene. It made me want to bash by head against a wall until my eyes bled. It was terrible. And, honestly, I don’t think it was supposed to be sexy in the slightest. Season 9 is all about “something is wrong with Dean.” So, just like Sam slept with foils like Madison or Ruby to demonstrate that something was wrong with him, this is Dean’s turn. We are supposed to see him rejecting how he’s changed for the better. It is another transformation sex scene, and this one is for the worse. 

                  With all this in mind, here’s what I think we should expect from this “fling.” It is going to be badly written, and we will cringe. It will also ultimately serve a purpose. It’s going to let us know what’s going on in Dean’s head. Is he vulnerable? Is this rock bottom? Just how dark/divorced from morality has he become? Is he looking for an escape to deny his situation? Is it a sign he is no longer really Dean, or maybe a sign that he is? 

                  The scene could serve to answer any of those questions. So I advise you wait and see, and also remember: if the scene makes you cringe, want to punch Dean, or makes you question if he is still Dean at all, maybe the scene is just doing its job.  

                  i want to marry this person



So, I have literally been hanging my coats like this for MONTHS and just today noticed this

… I was not expecting this to get notes



                    So, I have literally been hanging my coats like this for MONTHS and just today noticed this

                    … I was not expecting this to get notes

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                        based on this chat post

                        i just—












                        I will never get tired of this comic. Not now, Not ever.

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                          the sign of the gays







                            I fucking loved this anime.

                            DID THEY ACTUALLY SAY THAT

                            yes they did

                            best romantic school comedy anime ever

                            What fourth wall?

                            Did he just draw a line through tile with a stick

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                              There ARE ACTUAL REAL MEN OUT THERE??!

                              THAT RESPECT WOMEN?

                              THAT ACCEPT “no” FOR AN ANSWER?


                              Quick, reblog this everywhere so we can learn and grow as a species!

                              Exactly the type of response guys should give when girls say no to anything, from dates-to sex.


                              i legitimately thought this was photoshopped until i saw the comments. WAT.